.:. Natsue .:. Oniki .:. Kiriko .:. Baal .:. Belphegor
.:. Banshee .:. Beleth .:. Moth .:. Leviathan .:. Elanna
.:. Minor characters .:.

NAME: Natsue
RACE: Two winged Angel
AGE: unknown
EYES: inicially green, turned red after the bite
HAIR: Blonde, with (perhaps dyed) red tips
OCCUPATION: Ex-appretice archangel
WEAPONS: Staff, but was trained for healing
LIKES: Gabriel, feeling like at home, books, cookies
DISLIKES: lonelyness, rules, being back-stabbed

STUFF: The last remaining native of Eden. She got kicked out for non-respect of the rules. She dragged Kiriko home and healed him there. She got found out and, as that wasn't the first rule she broke, got kicked out.
Technicaly, she got banished for 100 years, but EDEN got rushed before her return, so she didn't feel like going back there. But after a while, she thought she sensed that Gabriel didn't die properly, and that began to intrigue her. So she bagan to look for a way to verify her starting doubts about Ariel's death. She might have found it in form of a book...

NAME: Oniki Satan
RACE: Demon, third generation
AGE: around 400 .(20-ish for Demons)
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Black
OCCUPATION: Curent 'Satan', Ruler of the Underworld
WEAPONS: His claws(short-range)
LIKES: His father, tea, the library, being left in peace
DISLIKES: oud people, loosing control of the situation

STUFF: Oniki took over the "business" as his father died. He isn't really happy with being Satan, but he gets along as good as he can, for his dad's sake.
He's uninterested and distant to most everyone, exept Kiriko. Because if you have no friends, no one you can't kill can hurt you. Yeah, logic thoughts...
He has the bad luck to mistake Natsue for his lunch, so now he is stuck with an stressful angel to protect and a lot of problems in sight. And for someone who doesn't like to lose control of the situation, this means breaking some habits...

NAME: Kiriko Belzebuth
RACE: Demon, third generation
AGE: around 400 .(20-ish for Demons)
EYES: Yellow.
HAIR: Black
OCCUPATION: One of the nine great Devils, Wizard
WEAPONS: Black Magic (sucks at man-to-man combat)
LIKES: Baal, learning new spells, making thins explode
DISLIKES: His father, having an argument with Oniki

STUFF: With his cheerfull und optimistic character, he is the complete oposite to his cousin Oniki. But these are said to be the best matches... It is safe to say that both wouldn't be alive today without eachother. Oniki used to defend the rather weak Kiriko against Belzebuth, while Kiriko would save Oniki form total isolement and the depression-fit after Satan's death.
Kiriko is openly Bi and has a (wo)manizer reputation and enjoys it. Oniki believes that's just because Kir was unloved by his father and therefore wanted attention.
He might have found it in Baal, for which he cares deeply. If anything should happen to Baaly, Kir'll get REALLY mad.

NAME: Baal
RACE: Golem
AGE: unknown
EYES: Purple
LIKES: Kiriko, learning new stuff
DISLIKES: Hasn't found out yet

STUFF: Baal, just like all the Undemons, is a Golem made of dust, destined to do all the houswork in the Underworld.
However, Kiriko, once as an experiment, gave him a "Feelingstone", which brought him to "life". Since then, he hangs around his precious benefactor and learns to get along with his "new" feelings.
Cheerfull and naive, he takes the things how they come, and doesn't think badly of anything at first, which got him into some troubles before, but Kiriko ususally fixes this, so it's kinda ok.

NAME: Belphegor
RACE: Demon, second-generation
AGE: Somewhat 600 ish
EYES: Green
HAIR: Blue
OCCUPATION: One of the nine great Devils, helps Oni in his new tasks
WEAPONS: Body and Language
LIKES: his/her sister
DISLIKES: beans. And his Succubus/Incubus state.

STUFF: Belphegor is an Incubus/Succubus-thing. Beeing a child of a fallen Angel, he is stuck with this strange curse that affects all 2nd Generations: they all have some sort of annomality. In his case, it's the fact that he can change genders and has to feed on sexual energy. He doesn't seem to care much, but Beleth knows better...
He cares a lot about his sister, another 2nd Generation-demon. She was a shape-shifter, and slowly forgot how to get back into her human-form, so now she's stuck in the body of a giant three headed dog.
Belphegor's always been an oportunist, and mostly gets what he wants... the future will tell what it is this time...

NAME: Banshee Kelaino
RACE: Demon, third-generation
AGE: Somewhat 400 ish
EYES: sky Blue
HAIR: Blonde
OCCUPATION: One of the nine great Devils, General of the army
WEAPONS: Schemes and Claws, (Tatoos?)
LIKES: Jewls, power
DISLIKES: Her mother, Belphegor

STUFF: In the rankings, Banshee is stands just below Oniki and on same level than Kiriko and Belphegor. Which is a bit odd, because she doesn't come from any particular Family, nor was she in the army. No one can really say how she managed to get there, she just did (rumor has is that she either slept her way up or managed to get some good black-mail material.)
Anyway, her real goal is to become 'Satan'. Her motives are still a bit blurry, but she's determinated to get there one day. Banshee's strength is that she lets other work instead of her, never really getting her own hands dirty. And with Natsues "intrusion" in Onikis life, she might perhaps have spotted the chance she was looking for.
ADOPTED BY the Radioactive Sheep

NAME: Beleth
RACE: Demon, second-generation
AGE: Somewhat 600 ish
EYES: one blue, one white
HAIR: deep violet
OCCUPATION: (former) one of the nine, dream-walker
WEAPONS: none (wings?)
LIKES: sitting in the sun, daydreaming
DISLIKES: Banshee, his wings, nightmares

STUFF: Beleth is a so called dream-walker. He can intrude anybody's dream, as long as they don't have more power than he has. He's even able to contact the dreamer and to chat with them. However, the dreamer will neither remember him nor the dream, as Beleth only has one white eye. (Two white-eyed dream-walkers can choose if they want their 'vicitims' to remember or not).
The rather problematic part of his life are his wings: they feed on dreams and leave nothing but nightmares. That means that everytime Beleth goes to sleep, he ends in a nightmare. Good reason to avoit it as much as he can. But then the critters get bitchy and tend to bite him... However, he can retract them, putting them on stand-by, but the begin to hurt when not being fed for long.
He once got caught by Banshee and locked away. Since then, she uses him to get informations about all kind of things, as people are willingly telling stuff in dreams they wouldn't face-to-face....
ADOPTED BY Genesisgoboom

NAME: Moth
RACE: Demon, second-generation
AGE: Somewhat 600 ish
EYES: black
HAIR: red
WEAPONS: seems to have great streight in her legs
LIKES: Books, peace, tea, guests to chat with
DISLIKES: The underworld, rats,

STUFF: Moth saved Natsue from beeing eaten by a Monster and quickly became freinds with her. She never really talks about herself, and also keeps the real reason why she's living in Eden rather than in the underworld, to herself.
She has some foresight abilities, but they are restricted. She can only see certain things, but is incapable to see "the whole story", as she says.
Being a second-generation, she also has some kind of "abnormality", in form of an uncontrollable second-self. She keeps it sleeping by wearing a seal in her hair.

NAME: Leviathan
RACE: Demon, second-generation
AGE: Somewhat 600 ish
HAIR: Orange
OCCUPATION: (former) One of the nine great
WEAPONS: his bare hands
LIKES: Milk, and probably pie
DISLIKES: Doesn't care enough for that

STUFF: Leviathan is a psycho. He does not need any reason for his actions, and does not have any. He has a great amount of strengh, so he does not have to use his claws to kill things. He actually preferes to just tear stuff apart.
His psyconess seems to be somehow affected by the curse of the second-generations. It can be held back by medication, but sometimes Lev just stops to take them, going berserk if nobody notices his state.
At the moment, he is in one of those un-medicated states, and began to look for his missing brother.

RACE: n/a

STUFF: Is a bird. Goes 'Kwee'

NAME: Elanna
RACE: Demon (half), third-generation
AGE: Under 400 ish
EYES: grey-blue
HAIR: Brown
WEAPONS: her amazing stealth 'skills'
LIKES: hiny things, robbing shiny things, putting random stuff/shinies into her pockets
DISLIKES: Being called anything than "the great El"

STUFF: "The great El" (self-declared) is a halfbreed. Her father was a human (from earth or quarall is onclear), her mother a demon. She can influence the pointyness of her ears though, so she doesn't get noticed that much by other demons.
Having a child with a human is seen as a disgrace in the underworld, and some demons killed Anna's mother one night, leaving the little girl with no family at all.
Growing up all by herself, Anna began to rob others for food. But she quickly found out that there were things with more value than food, that could be exchanged for MORE food. And it was shiny.
She really liked the shiny part. So she trained and became a professional thief. She became good enough to be still alive yet, but she can't help talkling and singing to herself while "working", so she could acutally be much, much better..

Other characters


Lucifer's son, Onikis Dad. Has some strange love-hate relationship with Gabriel. Had the good idea to attack Eden. Is dead now because of that.

The annoying snake. He's a "second generation", so he does have a human form. Due to intensive pestering from Belzebuth, the gentle Asmoday snapped one day. And became bitchy.

Satans brother and Kirikos father. Also a "second generation", so he has a human form too. He managed to kill his wife and spent his bored moments with beating the crap out of Kiriko.

The wise guy. Actually, he's rather kind, but smells really, really badly. He taught Kiriko a lot behind Belzes Back, and always had a solution or answer at everything.


Natsues Brother. Took care of her when their parents died. He really tried, it's not his fault that she turned out like she did. He got rather nervous by the time, mostly because of Satans botherings. But luckily, he had a big amount of humor to get through it.

Leader of Edens Army, but always referred to himself as a "hunter" and not a "warrior", his main occupation being defending Eden against the creatures of the borders. He developped a strong friendship to Gabriel, and even tried to help out with Natsue. He was engaged to Yael, but lost her in an demon attack. He died in the battle with Satan's army

Eden's most skilled healer was Natsues teacher, when she was sill in Eden. The poor guy had a really rough time with her. For a long time, he ignored his attraction to Uriel. Unfortunatly, he only accepted it a few days before Satan's rush over Eden, battle in which he was killed.

He was the one assigned with the last wishes of dying angels. That occupation didn't him the best, leaving him more and more apatic to those around him. Only exeption was Raphael, to whom he didn't admit his deep love for him untill it was way to late. He died in the battle with Satan's army.

A so called 'Ancient' with six wings and a longer life than the average. She was the higest ranked Angel in Eden, presided the council 6 times to this date. Nobody can recall her NOT being there. She supposedly died while Satan's rush over Eden, but Natsue is beginig to doubt that theory...

Natsues best friend in Eden, she was an aprentice as well, being under Uriel's teaching. After Nats got banned, the two girls kept contact throught their dreams, as Yael was a dream-walker with two wite eyes. She was engaged to Michael, but died in a random demon attack.

Another trainee-archangel, under Gabriel's teaching. He was incredibly lazy and used to sneak away whenever he could, hiding in that in-between world with the bridge. There, he met Kiriko and both somehow fell in love. He was however killed by Belzebuth.

Lucifer, adopted by Threnody
Metatron, adopted by Senshuu


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